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QBio Symposium: When Life Science and Natural Science meet


Starting time

9.30                    Registration + Coffee

10.00                  Opening Talk

10.15                  Talk 1: Prof. Dr. Sjoerd Verduyn Lunel

Using dynamics to analyse time series in life sciences

11.00                  Talk 2: Prof. Dr. Joana Gonçalves

Deciphering gene regulation from temporal response and perturbation data

11.45                  Coffee Break

12.00                  Talk 3: Dr. Katharina Sonnen

Microfluidics to study signalling pathways in developing tissues

12.45                  Lunch

13.30                  Talk 4: Prof. Dr. Thomas Debray

Collaborative research in risk prediction

14.15                  Talk 5: Dr. Siddharth Deshpande

Synthetic cells

15.00                  Closing ceremony

15.15                  Borrel