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QBio Symposium: When Life Science and Natural Science meet

On October 25th, 2018, Utrecht University will host a symposium on the topic of interdisciplinary research between life sciences and natural sciences.


Life science is the branch of sciences that studies life and organisms. It tries to reveal key components of how we can improve our lives through medicine, technology and prevention. Natural science, on the other hand, is concerned with objectively describing, predicting and understanding natural phenomena. It includes physics, mathematics, chemistry and computer sciences.

In the last centuries, both branches of science have been flourishing mainly separated from each other. However, there is a growing movement of scientists combining life sciences and natural sciences to achieve an even better understanding of life. They believe that partnering with the other can take both parties beyond the sum of their parts.


The goal of this symposium is to showcase interdisciplinary research between natural science and life science. Speakers from different disciplines are invited to present their research, projects and experiences and how those are influenced by interdisciplinarity.

They hope to encourage a next generation of scientists to join in interdisciplinary research. If you have more questions for the speakers, or are interested in their projects, there will be plenty of time during the coffee breaks, lunch and the drinks afterwards to chat with them.

Join us!

The symposium is aimed at Master's students, PhD candidates and staff, from both life sciences and natural sciences. We challenge you to think beyond the borders of your own discipline and hopefully inspire you to collaborate with scientists from a different background. We hope to meet you in the Boothzaal of the University Library in the Uithof on October 25th.

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The program of the symposium and speakers will be announced soon on this website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: qbio.symposium@gmail.com!